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Investing in a cryptoasset ETF means that you are benefiting from the cryptocurency, by tracking its performance in the market.

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We offer a variety of crypto ETFs gathered in selected investment options to match the advantages of the crypto market, so that investors can go to rest, knowing that their funds are really working. Below is our ETF set up strategy.



Performance characteristics looks at historical and present statistics: First, we examine the historical performance of bitcoin, the cryptoasset with the longest track record. Second, we examine the performance of non-bitcoin cryptoassets and consider how those returns compare with bitcoin’s.



In considering the impact of diversification, we analyze the historical impact of adding crypto to a traditional diversified collection of stocks and bonds and consider key decision points, such as rebalancing frequency and position sizing. We also analytically determine the volatility and returns on assets.

Assets ROI


In determining ROI, we evaluate whether crypto’s historical performance is likely to persist under present market conditions. The assets we include all show a deep correlation in terms of how they have been traded up, showing significantly high returns and high volatility, as well as a significant market capitalization.

Get a managed ETF investment matched to your wealth goals

A managed ETF investment can save you time and help you stay invested for the long term. Managed investments are goal-oriented instruments built on recommendations from our trade analysts. Managed ETFs enjoy ongoing monitoring, allocation and rebalancing of the managed instruments.

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Choosing a cryptoassets ETF investment allows you to stay in control of your financial journey. Plus, you have the flexibility to adjust your tracked assets at any time (rebalancing) dependent on market conditions.

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