Own a Crypto Portfolio

Enjoy the double benefit of low risk and high yield in one

Owning a cryptoassets portfolio means you can both trade and hold assets that have multiple investment yield benefits and guarantee.

Why Own A

A diversified investment portfolio spreads capital across more than just one investment category, allowing investors to reap benefits from multiple asset classes, and also protect their capital in the event that one segment of the market does not perform well.

Elite Assets Portfolios

  • Smart Global Trade portfolios consist of cryptoassets and crypto companies which are carefully selected for best performances.

  • Our portfolios are combined in such a way that the investor stands to gain profit all round the year, and in all market directions.

Here's how it works

An investment portfolio works in several different ways towards the ultimate goal of preserving and generating wealth.
Global financial markets (especially the blockchain and cryptoassets space) are complex and diverse enough that money can be made in any investment environment.
The greatest challenge in making an investment portfolio work is knowing exactly what to do and when. That's why Elite Assets offers a portfolio management service to help investors take the guess work out of the way.

How To Get Started

You can get started on a portfolio right away, and start earning from multiple instruments. Here are the steps.

Sign Up on the Smart Global Trade Platform

Create an account and complete the signup procedure to start using a full range of Smart Global Trade' services

Make A Deposit

Go to Deposit tab and deposit cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC) to match the investment plan.

Choose Appropriate Investment Plan

Select your preferred investment plan based on provisions you're satisfied with.

Complete the Investment Cycle

As soon as you make the deposit, your investment starts counting and accumulating returns, which will update every 24 hours.


Processed Portfolios


Portfolio Investments


Portfolio Classes

The best crypto backed portfolios

We want you to get the best value for your investment, so we ensure our systems are rich in options and resources.
You can access a new portfolios investment as fast as lightening now.

Get Started Investing In Portfolios

Choose from our bouquet of portfolios by combining assets, which will be rebalanced automatically.

Portfolio Starter
$ 120,000 minimum
  • Trade up to $250,000
  • ROI: 30%
  • Duration: One Month
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
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Portfolio Pro
$ 300,000 minimum
  • Trade up to $5,000,000
  • ROI: 54%+
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
  • Signup Bonus
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Benefits of a Smart Global Trade Portfolio

Mitigated Risks

How We Mitigate Risks

To mitigate risks, we diversify the portfolio into fixed income and capital gains, as well as other asset classes.

Continuous Growth

How We Grow Your Assets

We are continuously looking out for the best performing assets in the portfolio, and rebalancing the portfolio to ensure growth.

Ultra Low Fees

How We Keep Fees Low

In order to keep fees for portfolio management very low, we consolidate charges into a one time charge.

Optimal Terms & Conditions

How We Adjust For You

Our investment terms and conditions are periodically reviewed so that they support investors and meet regulations.

Adaptive Portfolio Setup

How We Match Your Goals

Portfolios have been created from data gathered from existing investors, to determine what investors want.

Direct Payout

We Ensure You Get Paid

Just as with any investment type at Smart Global Trade, withdrawals are expressely processed so investors don't wait.